When it comes to Micron Technologies benches, there’s Cylinder Repairs & Engineering and then there’s everyone else. As Micron’s manufacturing agent in the United States, we’re perfectly suited to any task.

  • Cylinder repair bench manufacture – engineered to your own exacting specifications.
  • Professional installation onsite from the finest technicians in the industry. We will work closely with you and your team to ensure that your new Micron Technologies cylinder repair bench is ideally situated in your shop environment.
  • Ongoing service and support that goes beyond the competition for your Micron Technologies cylinder repair bench.

Cylinder Repair Technology

In today’s world of heavy industry, cylinders play a huge role in productivity, efficiency and growth. When they fail, it can mean lost revenue and worse, so it’s vital to have the best repair technology on your side – technology trusted by oil and gas, mining and railroad concerns worldwide. Cylinder Repairs & Engineering can help you keep your cylinders going strong!

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest in the world and it would grind to a halt without working cylinders to keep all of that production rolling. That’s where Micron Technologies cylinder repair benches truly make the mark by ensuring nothing stands in the way of constant and consistent production.

The heavy equipment used in mines around the US relies on cylinders to maintain efficiency while digging ores from the earth. Cylinder Repairs & Engineering helps industrial concerns to keep the ore flowing day and night using the latest repair technology. We can do the same for your mining concern.

Trains and railroads across the country are the primary movers of cargo across the US and without cylinders and heavy-duty part repair they’d be at a loss to keep the trains moving on time. Cylinder Repairs & Engineering is there with the cylinder repair benches they need to stick to schedule.