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Advantages of Micron Cylinder Repair Benches

As the premier hydraulic repair bench manufacturer in the world, Micron Technologies hydraulic repair benches come with some significant advantages. As Cylinder Repairs & Engineering is a Micron Technologies manufacturing agent here in the United States, we’re ideally suited to discussing these with you in detail, should you wish to learn more, but we thought we’d share just a few of the highlights here to give you an idea of why you should always choose Micron over all the rest.

Here is just a sampling of what makes Micron Technologies hydraulic repair benches the best in the business for industry and mining concerns nationwide:

  • Micron benches are full length and built solidly. This gives you more usable working space and the flexibility to accommodate all types of repair functions without requiring additional machinery.
  • Micron benches are designed for the biggest, heaviest cylinders. This stronger design translates to a longer working lifetime and greater operator safety.
  • Proprietary height-adjustable chain vice tools on Micron benches allow operators to secure any cylinder or rod configuration giving the flexibility to disassemble and reassemble any cylinder configuration under the sun.
  • Micron benches come with Windows™ Embedded Touch Screen HMI – complete with safety prompts – allowing operators to control functions and system limits.
  • Micron benches have an Integrated Cylinder Pressure Test function that comes complete with digital export of results. That means great accuracy and more reliable function from day one.
  • The finest “Single Operator” functionality in the business – more than just a gimmick it’s real one-person operation with stellar results. Best in class safety too!

No other hydraulic repair bench can offer your company what Micron Technologies does and it’s not even close. Learn more about how a Micron bench can change the way your industrial or mining concern does business with a free consultation with the Cylinder Repairs & Engineering team – a manufacturing agent for Micron in the US!